Should be a new character other than the supporting characters already created..
Each supporting character will be introduced in the early chapters.


Hey Everybody This is a page to type your ideas for the story board!!! Ill give you some of the ideas that i came up with:


1: Adult Quill(Mike) comes back through time to warn us not to save him from a terrible fate (but we havent really discussed wht kind of horrible fate..)
2: Arriana is crying in a place at the school were theres glass sorrounding her and the glass suddenly explodes and send shards of sharp glass falling torward her when zack and icesis burst in freezing and melting the glass saving and discovering arriana's power.
3: One character loses his/her primary power and gains a sort of secondary power such as the primary power is fire control (ME!!!) and loses that power and gains something like hypnosis...
4: A character goes missing maybe Quill and the kids go on an adventure to save that person
5: Vice principle Can control and make force fields around the school so that students cant escape the premisis until given permission
6: Once kids discover there powers There regular P.E. class becomes a class to learn how to control and surpress there powers.

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Can we think about breaking the story up into chapters? Ms. Nalepa
Chapter Three
how about this is where golem day starts? and its after some people have already started dissapearing?
Chapter Four
This cou;d be when some of the kids sort of appear again- Anthony liuzzo
Chapter Five