Alright all members of the anime club these are some details of the anime book we the writers created. im not allowed to go into full detail so these are some of the things we covered. We decided that the book starts on the first day of school for kids with powers on august 18th 2007. the school is a boarding school that has a highschool attached and goes to college prep. My character zack is the first one to discover his power then followed by kerry. Now we need help on some of the staff members in the school for the book. such as: gym teacher, principle, science teacher stuff like that so put your ideas here by clicking the edit tab and typing your ideas on the page and click save!!
-Anthony Liuzzo

This seems like a good start, guys. Encourage others to add their input as much as possible.
-Mrs. Nalepa

Well the other writers and i have come up with a lot more things but Mr.Garcia says that we should hold off on some of those things and not tell anyone yet lol.

there I deleted it happy, second thought send me a message about that...

For more details on the book you should see the story page discussions

It's not fair that valdo could just take your powers permanently. Imean ill be fine i'll just slow or
stop time around me and move if he gets too close but he could get powers easier from you guys
if he's the You-know-what WRITERS!!! but i want to know if other people are O.K. with it.

Im cool with it becuase he doesnt really have any other fair advantages and plus you will still have your powers its just he'll be able to use them too
-Anthony Liuzzo

I think it's cool maybe raldo can be evil or something, but even if he takes your power he's only copying it you would still know your power the best with it's advantages and weaknesses!

I still don't get why you WRITERS have to keep everything secret from the artists! we are just as important!! if you know whats going to happen! then SAY IT!!!

OK well first of we NEED to keep somethings a secret k? just think about it....if writers come up with kick-butt idea that they all agree on but then ONE artist doesnt agree wit it because it might be "to hard to draw" dont you think that will be a problem? try this...a magazine k? do you think the editor of it tells the people what is going on in it? no they just tell the what to do make..
-Anthony Liuzzo

I agree with anthony, somethings have to be secret, just not everything. Besides we don't have too many ideas right now anyway so its not something to get angry about....